This Wednesday at 6PM: Blind Baking extraordinaire Penny Melville-Brown, on Clever Cooking

This week we’ll be joined by Holman prize winner and blind baking
extraordinaire Penny Melville-Brown who’ll be live baking some ginger
biscuits and answering all the baking questions you’ve always wanted
to know but have been too scared to ask.

We’ll be making a recording of the session available for people who
want to have a go at making the biscuits themselves, but if you fancy
a sneak peek at what we’ll be doing click the below link to read the

Today: Clever Cooking with left-overs

You might have spent the past few days wilting under the extreme heat
we've all been experiencing, but at 6PM UK time we'll be asking you to
spare a thought for the broccoli florets that have also been wilting
away forgotten in your fridge. 

That's part of today’s Clever Cooking session, where we'll be talking about left-overs. What can you make with them, how should you store them and how as blind people can we tell if it's time for something to go in the bin instead of the bowl? 

Join us to hear our top tips, learn from others and share your own experiences.

Today: Clever Cooking. “A microwave is all you’ll ever need in your kitchen, discuss”

“A microwave is all you’ll ever need in your kitchen, discuss”. That’s
not the essay title of an avant-garde university module of dubious
value – it’s actually a statement made by one of our regular attendees
and the topic for this evening’s session.

Join us to learn about what microwaves can do for both new and
seasoned cooks alike, some weird & wonderful uses you might not have
thought of and for a demo of a talking microwave from Cobolt. We’ll
make sure to leave plenty of time for questions and for you to tell us
about any culinary masterpieces you’ve created in your own microwave
as well.

Friday: Judy Dixon on Braille, more Braille, and the world’s largest collection of slates and frames

This Friday we’re joined by a Braille icon, Judy Dixon.

Judy currently works for the National Library Service in America. She is also on the International Council on English Braille and an author of books relating to Braille and assistive technology published by the National Braille Press. She owns what is widely considered to be the largest selection of Braille slates and frames at over 270.

Join us this Friday at 6PM UK time for a live recording of BrailleCast. We’ll be joining the dots on Judy’s incredible story, plus leaving plenty of time for questions, in what’s being slated as a not-to-miss session for anyone with any interest in Braille.