Hable One Challenge

We are delighted to be partnering with Hable and Sight and Sound Technology Ltd to offer braille users in the UK and Ireland the opportunity to win a free Hable One Bluetooth braille controller.

Hable One is a powerful, fun and exciting way for you to interact with your smartphone or tablet using braille. As well as being a fully functional braille keyboard, supporting both grades 1 and 2, it also serves as a wireless remote control for every aspect of your smartphone or tablet, from moving around the screen to selecting, playing and pausing music, dialling numbers and changing settings.

For beginner braillists, it is a uniquely satisfying way of putting your braille skills into practice. For more advanced braillists, it is a vital productivity tool. It works in partnership with the smartphone or tablet’s screen reader and supports all popular apps including messages/WhatsApp, Facebook/Messenger, Twitter, Spotify, mail, contacts, calendar, reminders and notes.

There will be three opportunities to take part in the Challenge, and the first one is exclusively for people who are new to braille. As part of the Challenge, you will be sent a Hable One to borrow for two weeks, after which you will be invited to purchase it or return it, no questions asked – and of course, if you win the Challenge, you can keep your Hable for free!

Sign up to win your free Hable One here!

For more details, please see the Hable One Challenge FAQ.