How To: Create and Send a Newsletter

  1. Create events and news items that are going to be linked to from the newsletter and get their short code for links.
  2. Log in to Mailchimp and click on Create Campaign.
  3. Select Regular Campaign.
  4. Select the people to who this is being sent:
    • if this is to the entire mailing list (a standard newsletter, for instance), select Send to entire list. Click Next.
    • if this is to one or more of the local groups (a reminder or specific information like a change of venue, for instance), select Send to a group or new segment, then Braillists Groups from the second dropdown menu and select the Braillists groups that apply (hold down control if choosing more than one). Click Next.
  5. Fill in the Campaign info form:
    • Name of Campaign – use group names followed by the meeting number and short title, plus any other brief details to easily differentiate within the mailchimp system (not seen by recipients)
    • Email Subject – the title the recipients will see when receiving the email. Try to make it inviting and brief but understandable.
    • Leave the from name and email address as Braillists Newsletter and [email protected] unless there’s a very good reason to change them.
    • Check the Personalize the “To” field box and change to *|FNAME|* *|LNAME|*
    • If it is a newsletter (or warrants broadcasting) check the Auto-tweet campaign as Braillists and fill out the text box. It will automatically include a shortlink to the newsletter.
    • If it is a newsletter (or warrants broadcasting) check the Auto-post to Facebook after sending box, fill out the text box and check the Braillists (Fan Page) box. (please don’t check any personal profiles).
    • Click Next
  6. On the Select a template page click on Saved Templates and select Braillists Standard Newsletter
  7. Click on the top box to alter the content. There is some text already as an example – make sure you remove all of the irrelevant bits. The second box (social media links & sign-off) can usually be left untouched.
  8. Use the Preview and Test menu at the top to send a test email to check the formatting etc.
  9. Review the details on the You’re all set to send! page.
  10. You can click on schedule to set a date and time to send in the future (recommended to allow error catching and optimising best time for people to receive it) or click Send to send immediately.