How To: Manage event pages

Event pages contain all the details of an event to be displayed on the website.

Adding a new event page

  1. From the backend WordPress menu go to Events > Add New.
  2. Fill in the title
    • If it is a local Braillists group event (meeting, Braille & Beer, etc) use the format “Group Name: Event title” – for instance “Bristol Braillists: Transcription”.
  3. Fill in a description of the event in the main text box.
  4. Do not add access restrictions (unless not intended for public view)
  5. Add suitable tags (see previous events for examples)
  6. Select categories
    • if it is a meeting and what type
    • if it is hosted by a local Braillists group and which one
    • you can add more categories (new local groups, for instance) but please ensure they are correctly nested
  7. Fill in date and time details – either all day or specific start and end times.
  8. Choose an existing venue from the drop down list or add a new one in the form below (please be accurate as it affects the google maps rendering).
  9. Choose an existing organiser or add a new one.
  10. Add an event website if applicable.
  11. If you want it to be automatically publicly available but at a later date, click on Edit next to Publish immediately to set a date for publication.
  12. Click on Preview to open an unpublished preview in a new window.
  13. Click on Save Draft to save it unpublished for review and publication later.
  14. Click on Publish to save it and make it publicly available through the events pages.