Useful Commands and Mobile Phone Contact Instructions

Last updated 30 April 2020 21:00 BST

Useful Commands

Command Windows Mac OS iOS Telephone
Mute/Unmute ALT+A OPTION+A Use the button on the main screen *6
Raise/Lower Hands ALT+Y OPTION+Y Press the More button and then press the Raise Hands button *9

Set up a Mobile Phone Contact to Automatically Dial the Meeting ID on iOS

The below is useful if you want to have a conference ID dialled automatically, or if you need to navigate another phone menu tree if you are confident the options aren’t going to change.

You should create a contact and add the phone number in the normal way.

After you have added the last digit and while still in the phone number field, double tap the shift key. This is where the star key should be on the dial pad, immediately to the left of zero.

Once you double tap on shift, certain punctuation symbols appear instead of numbers. Double tap on comma, which is where the number 4 would normally be. This inserts a short pause which is necessary to let the call connect as we need this to happen before we can enter the conference ID.

To be sure, I’d recommend pressing shift and comma again to insert a longer pause, though this often isn’t necessary.

Once you insert the comma, the normal dial pad returns. Now, enter your conference ID and double tap on Done.