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Last updated 25 May 2020 11:00 BST

Clever Cooking

Useful products

Dycem nonslip mat
These can be used to hold bowls, utensil etc firmly in one place on your work surface. RNIB sells a range of different nonsip mats in a range of colours.
Talking kitchen scale with easy-to-see jug
These scales can measure in Oz, Grams and Ml. Available from the RNIB, product code DK152
These are great tools for measuring liquids. I would recommend sizes 1, 5, 20, 50 and 100 ml. Once purchased, ask a sighted person to initially score the plastic at the required point on the inner plunger.
Talking food thermometer
This is a great tool to have to ensure your food is cooked right through. The RNIB’s one speaks temperature and also displays it in font 42
Hot water dispenser
This is a great idea if you struggle pouring from a kettle or are nervous of the boiling water. Place your cup under the spout and the machine will heat and dispense 250 ml of hot water.
Vegetable or autochop
If you struggle with chopping veg one of these will do the job quickly and efficiently. Put your chunks of veg underneath and bash the top down to cut. There are many different brands available. It may be worth visiting a Kitchen shop to see which suits you best.


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This series has now come to an end. We offer our sincere thanks to Laurent Cadet de Fontenay for his time and expertise. If you require further support, you can contact him by emailing [email protected]

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