Information for Friends, Family, Neighbours and Supporters of People with a Visual Impairment

Last updated 13 April 2020 11:00 BST

Accessible Calling Cards

Some members of the public are offering to help vulnerable neighbours by pushing a note through the letter box. The Braillists Foundation, on request, is transcribing these notes into accessible formats. Advice for visually impaired people on how to deal with these notes can be found on our Advice page.

If you would like to leave an accessible calling card for a friend, relative or neighbour, please fill out this form and we will dispatch one as soon as possible.

Please note that the calling card will be dispatched to you to forward on, not directly to the visually impaired person. This is why we ask for your full address. We will only display your house number and street name on the card itself.

Please also note that this is a UK-based operation, with calling cards being sent Articles for the Blind. This usually has the same priority as first class post. International postage is also possible but may incur significant extra postage time.

Advice in an Accessible Format

A leaflet based on these web pages and specifically tailored for UK readers has been created in braille and large print. If you or someone you know would like a copy, please email your request (including the format you require) to [email protected] and we will dispatch one as soon as possible. If you are a sight loss organisation and would like multiple copies to forward onto your service users, we would be happy to oblige. Please just tell us how many copies you would like in each format.


Our initiative is ran entirely by volunteers, but we’re fully committed to ensuring that Visually Impaired people never need to pay to access it. With this in mind, we’ve started a Go Fund Me page for donations. Anything you can offer would be gratefully received.