Braille Bar, BRF Files and Android

Our popular Braille Bar returns on Tuesday (27 April) at 7:30 PM. No registration required – just turn up and ask your braille questions.

Join the Braille Bar here:

We are also delighted to announce the next two Masterclasses in our new series:

  • On 4 May, we’ll be demystifying BRF files: what is a BRF? Why would you want one? How do you read BRF files? How do you create them? We’ll be answering all these questions and more.
  • On 18 May, by popular demand, we’re pleased to be offering an introduction to braille on Android. We’ll be talking about which braille displays you can use, how to set them up, common braille display commands, braille input on the Android touch screen and much more.

Stay tuned to this newsletter for more information in the coming weeks – but if you can’t wait and you’d like to register straight away, you can do so here: