Next week: Free Braille learning and writing equipment

As of next week we will be pleased to be offering free Braille and tactile media equipment to people on this newsletter who intend to join any of our online master-classes in future. This includes an A4 Braille writing frame, a tactile abacus and a Braille word forming block. Don’t write in yet, wait for next week’s newsletter!

To request your free Braille learning and writing equipment you need to live in the UK or Ireland, be interested in attending a number of our online masterclasses, and be signed up to this newsletter. So please encourage any friends you know to sign up to the newsletter before Wednesday next week to be eligible for the initial shipment.

Due to limits on the grant funding this equipment it is only available in the UK or Ireland. We hope to expand this scheme world wide in future when the funding becomes available. Meanwhile you can ask on the email forum ( for similar resources in your country.