Two Masterclasses on Reading in November

We’re delighted to announce that Sean Randall will be joining us for both of our Masterclasses in November to talk about leisure reading using refreshable braille displays. Sean is something of a computing and IT mastermind and now works at New College Worcester, training many of their students in the use of assistive technology including screen readers and braille displays.

In the first of the two sessions, taking place on Tuesday 9 November at 7:30 PM, he will discuss the various braille devices available to consumers. The benefits of a Brilliant over an Orbit, a Canute over a BrailleNote and so on.

He’ll then proceed to go into specific libraries and sources of materials, to include:

  • RNIB: reading Services, Bookshare and NTNM
  • The Seeing Ear National Accessible Library
  • Bibles for the Blind

The second session, at the same time on Tuesday 23 November, will cover sources of reading material that are more mainstream in nature, including apps or specialist software used to read. These will include:

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Apple Books
  • Local libraries
  • Smaller publishers (e.g. Smashwords

You can register for either of these sessions using the following link:

N.B. this is the same registration form as for our usual Masterclasses – the link just looks a little different because of some technical changes. If you have already registered for our Masterclasses, you do not need to register again.

For anyone keeping track of the fortnightly schedule, we realise that it has slipped a week and apologise for any inconvenience. As November is a five-Tuesday month, we will be back in sync by December.