What is a BRF and why would you want one? Tuesday at 7:30 PM

We’re starting to hear more and more about BRF files. They’re the default braille format on platforms such as RNIB Reading Services; they’re regularly used in the transcription industry to share braille versions of documents between producers; and notetaker users have used them to transfer files from one brand of braille device to another. But questions still prevail:

  • What, exactly, is a BRF?
  • Why would you use BRF files over more mainstream file formats?
  • What are the limitations of BRF?
  • How do you read BRF files?
  • How do you navigate through them?
  • How do you create them?

Matthew Horspool will be answering all these questions and more on Tuesday 4 May at 7:30 PM.

To register for our BRF session, please use this link: https://is.gd/RUH5vc