Braille Communities

Readers, transcribers, teachers, technologists and policy makers are often found discussing many aspects of braille via a wide range of braille forums. These groups are useful for sharing your braille experiences and getting your braille questions answered. Join the braille conversation today.

This list of braille forums is by no means exhaustive. Please share any additions or corrections via [email protected].

Email Lists

Braillists Forum
Community discussion about the latest goings on in the Braille world and news about Braillists Foundation activity.
Discussion list for those who have questions related to Unified English Braille.
Braille UK
List to discuss issues surrounding UK braille, and translation issues relating to computerized braille production.
Braille Book Swap
This group has been set up to facilitate the exchange of hard-copy braille books primarily in the UK. The method for transporting books is left to individuals. Members wishing to make a book available are encouraged to post a short review of the book and the number of braille pamphlets it consists of.
Duxbury Braille Software Users Discussion
A discussion list for users of Duxbury Systems, Inc.’s software for braille, to share usage tips and other information of general interest to such users.
Braille Display Users
A group to discuss any kind of braille display or note taker. We are here to offer support and helpful tips to be more successful with our devices.
Brailliant BI-X Users
This group is for anyone that has a Brailliant BI-X series braille display. It will allow users to discuss how they are using there product and what improvements would serve them better. The group will be monitored by HumanWare and when possible will take part in discussions. This group will also be used as a support channel where users can help each other.
BrailleNote Users
A forum dedicated to discussion of the BrailleNote family of products from HumanWare.
A group for discussion of the ElBraille Windows 10 computer/notetaker from Elita Group, sold by Vispero and its world wide distributors.
Hims Note Takers Chat
For questions and support with Hims note takers such as the BrailleSense.
Orbit Reader Discussion Group
This group is for the discussion and support of the Orbit Reader 20 by Orbit Research, along with supporting and related products and accessories. Any future related products made by Orbit Research may also be discussed here.
For questions relating to the Canute braille e-reader.

Facebook Groups

Braille Support Group
For anyone who is an experienced Braillist, anyone starting out learning Braille and anyone in between. This Facebook group is for people to offer or gain support from each other. Please keep all posts Braille related.
UEB Math
To ask questions and gain support with any aspect of mathematics in Unified English Braille.
Braille Transcription
For transcribers to ask coding, formatting and hardware and software questions relating to braile.
BrailleNote Users
For discussion of any of the BrailleNote notetaker line from HumanWare, including the Touch and Touch Plus.