Braille Communities

Readers, transcribers, teachers, technologists and policy makers are often found discussing many aspects of braille via a wide range of braille forums. These groups are useful for sharing your braille experiences and getting your braille questions answered. Join the braille conversation today.

Many braille products, such as electronic braille note taking devices, have dedicated forums for discussing usage and getting support. Check with your supplier or search for your braille product on social media or platforms such as Freelists, Google Groups or

This list of braille forums is by no means exhaustive. Please share any additions or corrections via [email protected].

Braillists Forum
Community discussion about the latest goings on in the Braille world and news about Braillists Foundation activity.
Braille Support Group
For anyone who is an experienced Braillist, anyone starting out learning Braille and anyone in between. This Facebook group is for people to offer or gain support from each other. Please keep all posts Braille related.
ueb-ed: Unified English Braille
Discussion list for those involved in teaching UEB who have questions concerning most aspects of the braille code.
Braille UK
List to discuss issues surrounding UK braille, and translation issues relating to computerized braille production.