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  • Beyond Bump-Ons: Creative Approaches to Tactile Marking

    Do you need an easy way to identify your shampoo from your hair removal cream? Do you want to avoid accidentally feeding dog food to your dinner guests—again? Does your granddaughter complain that you’ve covered up the print label on her favourite midnight snack with your “special dots”?

    Our sense of touch can give us much more information about our environment than we may think. Naturally, there’s braille, but how else can we use this powerful tactile sense to make things easier at home and further afield?

    In this Masterclass, Matthew Horspool and Chantelle Griffiths join forces to take you on a tactile journey to help you master your sense of touch for the simple, yet powerful purpose of identification and marking.

    You will learn:

    • How everyday office stationery can save your sanity when travelling.
    • How a simple rubber band can turn nightmare neighbours into amicable allies.
    • How to use braille in fun and creative ways, even if you’re not yet a confident braillist.
    • Why you need to own hair ties, even if you have no hair to tie.
    • How texture and orientation work together to create a customisable system for identification that anyone can use.
    • And so much more!

    Whether you’re newer to sight loss or blind since birth, there’s something here for everyone. Join us to learn how to level up your tactile marking skills, and create unforgettable experiences for yourself and others, for all the right reasons.

    The Masterclass will take place on Zoom on Tuesday 16 July at 7:30 PM. In addition, if you are attending Sight Village Central, join Matthew for a sneak preview, where you will be able to get hands on with some of the tools we will be discussing and take home a few things for you to try out during the online session.

    The Sight Village session will take place on:

    • Monday 8 July at 12:25 PM in room 2
    • Tuesday 9 July at 1:45 PM in room 1

    Register for the online session here.

    To join by phone, please use these details:

    • Phone number: 0131 460 1196
    • Meeting ID: 821 0787 8790
    • Passcode: 123456
  • Beyond Bump-Ons at Sight Village, Monday 8 July at 12:25 PM in room 2 and Tuesday 9 July at 1:45 PM in room 1

    “Is that a tin of peaches or a tin of soup? Someone did tell me, but I’ve forgotten!”

    If this sounds like you, join us as we discuss and demonstrate low-cost, practical tactile systems to help you independently stay organised around the home. Whether you’ve lived alone for a long time, you’re adjusting to sight loss later in life, or you’ll be off to University in September, there’s something here for you. And who knows? You might even discover a new use for a hair tie!

    If you are planning to attend our Masterclass next Tuesday, this session is a must for you! It will give you a head start on the topics we will be exploring at that session.

    If you can’t make next week’s Masterclass, come and join us anyway! We will share some tips and tricks that you can use straight away.

    More information about Sight Village Central

    Book tickets for Sight Village Central

  • We’ve Got Lots Of Dots, Tuesday 9 July at 12:25 PM in Room 1

    What’s this I hear about dots? That’s a question we’ve been answering for about as long as we’ve been in existence. At Sight and Sound Technology we are passionate about Braille and its potential to transform access to work and education.

    We’ve been rather busy since the start of the year, finding what we believe to be the very best new Braille technology in the world! In this seminar, Stuart will lift the lid on what’s been going on and show you the new kids on the block. We think you’ll be as excited as we are when you see what we’ve got!

    Presented at Sight Village by Stuart Lawler, Head of Digital Content and Braille Specialist at Sight and Sound Technology

  • Braille and Beer After Sight Village Central, Tuesday 9 July at 3:30 PM

    We will be holding our Braille and Beer/Tech Chat Live event a day later than usual this year, on Tuesday 9 July, from 3:30 PM. It will be held in partnership with the Technology Association of Visually Impaired People (TAVIP), and will officially end at 8:00 PM so as to avoid clashing with the first Euro 2024 semi-final.

    Braille and Beer will take place at The Gosta Green, Holt Street, Birmingham, B7 4BG, a three-minute (0.1 mile) walk from Sight Village. From The Eastside Rooms, walk north-west for 266 feet, then turn right onto Heneage Street West. Continue straight for 23 feet until you reach Holt Street, then keep walking straight down Holt Street for 459 feet until you encounter the pub on the left.

    Contact: Matthew Horspool, 07429 171736

    On Monday 8 July, QAC will be holding their own evening celebration of 30 years of Sight Village from 6:30 PM until 11:00 PM at The Eastside Rooms. You are warmly invited to attend and tickets are free, but spaces are limited and booking in advance is essential. If you would like to socialise between the end of Sight Village and the start of the evening event, you will find members of the Braillists Team in the bar at the Aloft Hotel.

    More information about the evening event

    Book tickets for the evening event

  • No Braille Bar on Tuesday

    Due to many of our staff attending Sight Village Central, we will not be offering our usual Braille Bar this week. The next Braille Bar will take place on Tuesday 23 July.

  • Discounts from Sight and Sound Technology

    Sight and Sound Technology are pleased to announce the following discounts, available for a limited time from the start of Sight Village Central on Monday 8 July 2024:

    • 20% off BrailleSense6, BrailleSense6 Mini, QBraille XL, Taptilo and other products from Hims
    • 10% off HABLE One
    • 10% off Rogue Embosser, Delta Embosser, EmBraille Embosser, SpotDot Embosser, Columbia Embosser and other products from ViewPlus

    In addition, get an introductory price of £2,295 on the Hims Braille eMotion (RRP £2,795), plus take an extra 10% off the introductory sale price if you trade in any note taker in working order. Discount applied on receipt of your device.

    For more details, please visit the Sight and Sound website.

  • Braille eMotion Firmware Update

    Selvas BLV is pleased to announce the release of a major upgrade for Braille eMotion, V1.2!

    This upgrade adds several electronic library services to the Braille eMotion, including access to BookShare, and an optional Sense Bible. We’ve also added the ability to add individual regional/optional services in the future via the Optional Services Installer, and you can expect to see several more service options by the end of the summer!

    This release also adds thumb key navigation through the use of the “cursor” keys as navigation keys, both internally and in the terminal for Screen Reader. In addition, the Braille eMotion can now utilize several UEB Braille learning tables according to published lesson series levels for those learning Braille.

    You can visit the Braille eMotion download page for release notes, firmware, and upgrade instructions.

  • Hands-on with the Canute Console, Tuesday 30 July 2024 from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm

    Bristol Braille Innovation Centre, G11, 37 Philip St, Bristol, BS3 4EA, UK

    Sight and Sound Technology, in collaboration with Bristol Braille Technology are delighted to invite you to this drop-in event which will allow attendees to get hands-on experience with the Canute Console.

    • The Canute Console is the next generation in Braille technology. It builds upon the foundation of the Canute 360 Braille e-reader and takes it to new heights.
    • Imagine a device that combines the functionality of an e-reader with the power of a Linux workstation. That’s precisely what the Canute Console offers.
    • The Console consists of a Canute 360 Braille display docked in a workstation.


    • Multiline Braille Display. The Canute 360 Braille display remains at the heart of the Console, providing a reliable and efficient way to read Braille content.
    • Qwerty Keyboard. Pull out the Qwerty keyboard when you need to type or search. It’s perfect for professionals, students, and anyone who wants to engage with Braille in a more interactive way.
    • High Contrast Monitor. The Console features a fold-up 13-inch high contrast monitor. Share what you’re reading with visual readers or comfortably explore Braille content.
    • Smart Mode. Switch to Smart Mode, which runs in the Linux command line. In this mode, the Console becomes a versatile tool:
      • View and manipulate data.
      • Edit and write documents.
      • Transcribe to and from Braille.
      • Explore diagrams and maps.
      • And here’s the exciting part: It’s also the world’s first and only tactile videogaming platform!
    • Reader Mode. If you prefer a traditional reading experience, use the Console in Reader Mode. Read comfortably while benefiting from the additional monitor and keyboard.

    We can’t wait to see you in Bristol and show you why this is the most exciting thing to have happened to Braille in years!

    If you are planning on attending, we would appreciate it very much if you would kindly complete this short registration form so that we can understand your specific interest or any requests you may have in advance of your visit.

    For further information or if you have any questions, please contact Stuart Lawler at Sight and Sound Technology.
    Telephone: 01604 344304.
    Email: [email protected]

The Braillists is a grass-roots community group offering high quality training and support to emerging and established braille users. We also work with family members, friends, colleagues and teachers of braille users, and connect braille users with braille technology developers and funders.

What Is Braille?

Braille is a simple code for representing written language. We believe braille has the potential to transform the life of any blind person who has the opportunity to learn it.

Discover more about braille on this page.

Learn Braille

We support hundreds of adults to read braille by touch in a few short weeks through our innovative and approachable Braille for Beginners course. Free of charge, it comprises hard copy resources through the post and a series of short pre-recorded lessons, supplemented by email and Zoom support from highly qualified and experienced tutors.

Find out more about Braille for Beginners and register here.

There are plenty of other courses available too, for both children and adults, reading by touch or by sight. We have made a list of these on our Learn Braille page.

Perkins Repairs and Other Braille Equipment

The Perkins Brailler is the most established braille writer in use today, and even machines from the 1950s can still be serviced and repaired. We have compiled information about Perkins repairs, places to purchase Perkins Braillers, and other types of braille equipment on our Braille Equipment page.

If you are looking for braille paper, you can find it on our Braille Consumables page.

Our Aims

  1. Promote the value of braille as a proven literacy tool that enriches the lives of blind people.
  2. Support efforts to make affordable braille and tactile reading technologies available to all blind people irrespective of education and employment status.
  3. Provide an open forum for the exchange of ideas about the development of future braille technology.

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