On this page, you’ll find details of all our projects – collaborating with technology developers, working with artists on accessible art, running braille advocacy initiatives, and so much more.

Current Projects

Braille Masterclasses

We run regular training events on Zoom related to many aspects of braille, including how to use a braille display with various operating systems and software, effective notetaking strategies and braille advocacy.

Braille Awareness – bringing awareness of braille topics through a programme of meetings and information sharing

We’ve hosted many fascinating presentations and discussions on Braille topics including:

  • Braille Transcription – professional transcribers give us the insider’s guide to transforming written text into Braille on small and large scales, in both the UK and the US.
  • Changes in Braille standards – including the move from Standard English Braille (SEB) to Unified English Braille (UEB), and the latest edition of the braille International Phonetic Alphabet.
  • Changes to braille library services – how digital braille has changed the landscape for both electronic and hard copy braille books.
  • The History of Braille Devices – a wander through the many interesting and quirky Braille tools and how they were developed.

These are great opportunities to share knowledge and learn about new technologies, and we are able to host them either in person or on Zoom.

Braillecast – our official podcast

We record interviews with high profile braillists, talk to manufacturers of braille products and demonstrate new braille software and hardware.

Canute – developing an affordable multi-line Braille ebook reader with Bristol Braille Technology

  • Working with Bristol Braille Technology on the development of their affordable Braille ebook-reader, Canute.
  • The first public testing of Bristol Braille Technology’s Canute prototype.
  • Working closely with Bristol Braille Technology’s designers and engineers to refine the user experience of their Canute Braille ebook-reader.
  • Testing programme for the latest Canute Braille ebook-reader from Bristol Braille Technology.

Past Projects

  • Supporting Tomorrow’s Braille Teachers
  • Supporting Visually Impaired Students in Mainstream Schools

Braille For Beginners

We have now successfully ran two Braille For Beginners courses on Zoom. These have been free to attend and the latter was made possible thanks to the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. Both courses followed the RNIB Fingerprint curriculum.

Stay Safe: Stay Connected

Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping the blind and partially sighted community in touch and informed through a wide variety of community calls on subjects as diverse as online shopping, mindfulness, cooking and entertainment.

Tactile Diagrams – working with a product developer on new ways of producing tactile diagrams

Calvin Cheung, a university student, approached us in early 2017 with some prototype tactile diagrams from a 3D printer. A group of braillists gave him some feedback at a meeting in Bristol.

Alistair’s Fresh Arts Wood Carvings – collaborating with wood carver Alistair Parks to produce Braille and tactile enriched carved graphic panels for the Fresh Arts Festival at Southmead Hospital

Wood Carver Alistair Parks attended a Bristol Braillists meeting to ask advice about making graphic wood carved panels accessible to blind and visually impaired people. He was making the panels for the Fresh Arts Festival at Southmead Hospital, Bristol in collaboration with the patients, staff and visitors.

He wanted to ensure that everyone visiting or working in the hospital was able to enjoy them, as much of the existing artwork was flat, behind glass or out of reach and so not accessible to a large number of hospital users.

At the Braillists meeting members of the group were highly interested in his project and gave a lot of feedback which led to the inclusion of Braille on the panels. Members of Bristol Braillists also visited his workshop to experience the panels in the making and provide on going support.

The panels have been completed and are installed and viewable in the Brunel building of Southmead Hospital, Bristol, UK.

You can read Alistair’s account of his project on his blog in three parts – part 1, part 2, part 3.

Midas – glove for transforming any surface into a page of Braille

$100 glove from Babel Technology CIC for transforming any surface into a page of braille, suitable for people who lack sensitivity to read normal scale braille.