Moderation Policy

Last updated 31 August 2020 12:00 BST

We want to ensure all our Braillists activities are a safe space for the community to come together, so for everyone’s peace of mind, we adhere to the following Moderation Policy for our Zoom calls.

Firstly, we want to remind all our users that our calls are semi-public spaces, so you should refrain from sharing any sensitive personal information. As a rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t post something publicly on social media, you shouldn’t mention it on the call. We’d also like to ask that you request the privacy of others by not making audio recordings of any of our sessions.

We’d also like to remind users of text to speech software that other users may, at times, be able to hear your screen reader. Therefore, we recommend you avoid accessing private, sensitive or potentially offensive content using speech while connected to our calls. Wherever possible, you should use headphones or a braille display while using text to speech.

We’ve taken the following steps to ensure that everyone can have a safe and productive experience while using our services:

  • We’ve introduced a waiting room. You may experience a short delay while we screen users before accepting you into the call.
  • By default, we’re muting all users audio when they join the call. If you wish to speak, you can attract a hosts attention by raising your hand (see our Instructions page for further information). A host will then unmute your microphone and allow you to speak.
  • We’ve turned off settings inside Zoom that allow users to share their screen, set a virtual background (broadcast an image via their webcam) and change their name manually.

In the unlikely event that we do experience any disruption during our calls, we’ll immediately mute all users on the call before removing any offending users. If we experience severe or sustained disruption, we’ll end the call for all users and introduce further policy changes and security measures going forward.

If you have any concerns relating to safeguarding or moderation while using the Braillists Zoom facilities, please contact [email protected]rg.