JAWS and Braille: a Closer Look

In our session on “Using Braille on Windows” back in January, we introduced you to the basics of making a braille display work with various screen readers. On Tuesday, we’ll be taking this to the next level in the first of an occasional series of Masterclasses looking at the braille settings of a particular screen reader.

This time it’s JAWS. There are lots of settings and we won’t be able to cover all of them in an hour, so instead we’ll be reviewing some of the most common questions we’re asked, finding the settings that relate to them, and explaining what they do.

We’ll be covering:

  • Adding and selecting your braille display
  • Choosing your braille code and grade
  • Status cells and their use in structured mode
  • Reversing panning buttons and panning by paragraph
  • Using JAWS Braille In ™

If you’ve registered for our second series of Masterclasses (from April onwards), you don’t need to register again. You will receive a separate email with joining information before the session starts.