Meet the Transcribers


20th July 2015    
18:15 - 20:30


Pervasive Media Studio
Watershed, 1 Canon's Road, Harbourside, BS1 5TX, Bristol

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What really happens when you ask for a document in Braille? On Monday 20th July in Bristol you’ll get the chance to meet two professional transcribers and find out for yourself.
If you have ever received a utility bill, bank statement, letter from your council or other document through the post in Braille, the chances are it has been produced by a professional Braille transcription company. But who decides which company, how the Braille will be translated, how the Braille should be laid out on the page, and how the document should be packaged? And more importantly, does transcription always go to plan? And what happens if things go wrong?
What about when you were at school? Did you get Braille Worksheets, handouts, exam papers some hard-working soul spent hours meticulously reformatting to make sense in Braille. And then you went and lost it? Who are these people and how do they interpret everything from algebra to zoology.
Dive in to the wondrous world of Braille transcription and meet the people who make it possible on Monday 20th July in Bristol.
Those attending will have the opportunity to review the first draft of the Braillists constitution.