Our New Braille Clinic


13th April 2021    
19:30 - 20:30


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Have you read a sign in braille, but don’t know what it means? Have you needed to write a sign in braille, but don’t know which dots to use? Are you struggling to tell one braille sign from another?

We’ll be able to help you with all these problems and more in our new Braille Clinic: an opportunity to talk to our in-house braille experts and have your braille questions answered.

No registration is required, and the clinic is open to beginners and advanced braillists alike.

As well as the braille code itself, we also invite questions on braille equipment, technology, paper and other consumables, reading material and anything else related to braille. If we can’t answer your question straight away, we’ll try to find an expert who can follow up with you afterwards.

Our Braille Clinics will not be recorded, but if you can’t make the session and you have a particular question you’d like answering, you’re welcome to email it to [email protected] and we’ll forward it to the appropriate person.