Stay Safe: Stay Connected

Join us for our weekly catchup call. This week, we’ll be discussing job seeking and employment.

Although the major epidemic wave we experienced during Spring here in the UK seems to at last be subsiding, many people are becoming increasingly concerned about the effect of the pandemic on the economy, and the job market in particular.

There are reports of hundreds of applicants applying for each open position in parts of the country, so we’ll be discussing what blind and partially sighted people can do to stand out in a crowded job market.

We’ll be discussing everything from when to disclose your visual impairment to a prospective employer, to how to begin building a personal social media “brand” to impress hiring managers. We’ll be joined by professionals from a variety of fields to talk about how best to go about finding and applying for a new role.

Join us as we try to make sense of the often confusing and contradictory advice we’ve all heard before about how best to appeal to a prospective employer!