No Braille Bar on Tuesday

It’s half term in many regions of the UK next week and, as such, we have decided to take a week’s break from our Tuesday evening sessions. This means that there will be no Braille Bar on Tuesday 26 October.

There will, however, be a session on Tuesday 2 November as usual.

RNIB Looking for Braille Display Users to Take Part in Gaming Research

Last week, RNIB launched a new piece of work on Accessible Gaming. As the first step, they are conducting an online survey to gather some headline data on people’s experiences of playing screen based games. In addition to those which are traditionally perceived as high action video games, their research includes word and number games, puzzles, crosswords, strategy games and any other game which could feasibly be played on a computer or smartphone, and at least some of these are likely to be playable using a braille display.

The outcomes from this survey will define RNIB’s work on accessible gaming and they would really like to hear from people across different age groups, interests and with different sight conditions on how they feel about playing screen-based games with vision impairment.

In their initial focus scoping groups, they had some interesting discussions with Braille display users and then again during the pilot study. They sensed a strong interest in gaming and, following that, they agreed that the study should explore the requirements for all modalities including audio, haptics and Braille.

For more information or to take the survey, please see the article on the RNIB website.

Does Your Reading Speed Require Improvement?

If so, come to our Masterclass on Tuesday (19 October) at 7:30 PM.

We’re delighted to be joined by Kit Aronoff of Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and founder of Main Line Accessibility Consulting. Kit has a background in elementary education and is passionate about building braille mastery. Using principals of teaching literacy to emerging readers and articles from the National Federation of the Blind, Kit has developed a series of strategies which are sure to benefit even the most compitent of braillists.

If you’re already registered for our Masterclasses, you don’t need to register again. If not, you can register for Tuesday’s session here.

We’re sure you will agree that this is a session not to be missed.

Pioneering UK Charity Announces Opportunities for Remote Braille Tuition

The Braillists Foundation is thrilled to announce that it is now accepting registrations for its third “Braille for Beginners” course, which will take place over eight Tuesdays at 6:00 PM starting on 11 January 2022. This innovative and accessible programme will equip blind and partially sighted adults with the skills to read and write braille letters, numbers and punctuation, promoting unparalleled levels of independence and raising their confidence and self-esteem.

Dave Williams, Chairman of the Braillists and himself blind since birth, said: “For me, there is no greater privilege than being able to read bedtime stories to my son. Without braille, I’m certain I would not be able to do this. I’m therefore delighted that we are able to mark National Braille Week at the Braillists by unlocking the world of reading by touch for so many people who have never had the opportunity before.”

The course, which will take place on Zoom with a telephone dial-in option for those with limited or no access to the internet, will be delivered by a highly qualified tutor with extensive experience of teaching braille to adults who are losing their sight, and is offered at no charge. Required resources will be provided by post or download, and peer support and 1:1 assistance from the tutor will be available by email between sessions.

Further details and the registration form can be found at

Braille: Connecting the Dots in 2021

Are you thinking about learning braille, but dont’ know whether it’s worth it? Did you learn braille as a child, but haven’t used it since? Do you know braille and want to use it in your daily life, but can’t work out where it will fit? Are you bamboozled by braille technology, gadgets and gizmos?

Join our panel of passionate Braillists to explore how to overcome common obstacles faced by people who could benefit from reading by touch. You will hear a diverse range of perspectives from braille learners to braille experts, technology enthusiasts to people who just need to get on at home or in the workplace. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and contribute your own tips and suggestions.

We’ll be starting at 7:30 PM on Tuesday 12 October. The link for this event is different to usual, so you will need to re-register. This is a quick and easy process, but if you get stuck, please email us at [email protected] and we will process the registration for you.

Register for Connecting the Dots in 2021 here:

We hope you will join us as we celebrate national Braille week.