Book Club

Is the only reason you never judge a book by its cover because you can’t read the cover in the first place? With an Intermediate room for less confident readers and an Advanced room for the more experienced, the Book Club is a small group who meet every week to answer each other’s questions regarding reading using refreshable braille and to practice reading amongst friends.

We are currently reading Kensuke’s Kingdom, by Michael Morpurgo. It can be found in the “Teens” folder on the RNIB Orbit Reader SD card in both grade 1 and grade 2.

In our session tonight, we will choose what to read next. The Intermediate and Advanced groups don’t necessarily have to read the same book! If you’ve thought about joining the Book Club, but been put off by the choice of book, why not come along tonight and have your say?

We will then continue reading chapter 5, starting at: “I felt disappointed in her, a bit betrayed even”.