Book Club Social


18th April 2024    
18:00 - 19:00


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This evening’s Book Club will be the first one after the Easter break, so we’re going to be mixing things up a little with another of our popular social events. These are a great way to (virtually) meet some members of the Book Club who you might not have spoken to before.

Instead of being put into the usual rooms, everyone will be put in one of about four different rooms with a random selection of other attendees. In practice, this usually means that you’ll be with at least two people you’ll know from your room and a few people from other rooms.

After 10 minutes, we’ll swap everyone around to give everyone some new people to talk to. Time permitting, we’re intending to do this about five times. This may mean that we don’t quite finish on time.

We’d love to see as many Book Club members as possible, especially if you haven’t managed to make it in a while!