The Braille Bar: Opening Night

We’d like to invite you to join our new Braille Bar!

At the Braillists, we know braille literacy is often linked with independence and opportunity amongst blind people. Braille can be about freeing your ears, finding your voice and building confidence. While we may have limited access to braille library books or braille tuition at the moment, the Braillists community is here to help.

Do you want to learn braille but are unsure where to begin? Are you familiar with braille but think your Braille skills could use a polish? Are you a keen braille reader wanting to connect with other braille enthusiasts? Are you seeking tips for using a piece of braille equipment?

Our Braille Bar sessions are an opportunity to share tips and advice, brush up on skills and talk with other braille users, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced Braillist. We’ll be running the sessions every week, so we hope to build a real community around the Braille Bar.