A message from RNIB:

We are pleased to announce the 2023 season of the Gardner’s Trust Braille Music Literacy Awards. These awards, administered by the RNIB, are designed to test the reading, understanding, and performing of Braille music. They offer music Braillists the opportunity to receive expert feedback and assessment of their specialist skills, as well as the chance to showcase their musical independence.

The awards are open to music Braillists of any age (the previous age restrictions have been lifted), with five different levels available. All candidates will receive a report and a certificate of entry. The best entrant at each level who reaches the required standard will also receive a prize ranging from £10 for Level 1 candidates to £50 for Level 5.

Tests will be held from October 2023 to November 2023. Feedback and certificates will be sent to all candidates in January 2024, when we will also announce the prize winners. The exams can be taken in person at a location of your choosing or online.

Specimen tests, general regulations and requirements in Braille and print are available from the Music Advisory Service. Please note that it is now possible for a candidate to repeat a level they have taken in previous years. More information is available at: Gardner’s Trust Braille Music Literacy Awards | RNIB

For further details or to request the information pack and application form, please contact [email protected].