Help us Plan Future Braillists Meetings

As you may know, Braillists is still a very young organisation and we are developing fast. We are very keen to organise more Braillists meetings in the UK and potentially further afield and it would be very helpful to know where you are situated so that we can pin-point groups local to you. I’d very much appreciate it if you could answer the following two questions.

  1. Where do you live? Nearest town or city, country, post-code or zip-code (the first part will do)
  2. How far would be reasonable for you to travel to attend a regular Braillists meeting? around every 1-2 months. Please chose from:
    1. I can’t physically attend meetings but I may be able to participate through web video
    2. within my local area (neighbourhood, part of the city, etc) [upto 2 miles or 3 kilometers]
    3. within my nearest city or town [upto 10 miles or 15 kilometers]
    4. within my county or region [upto 25 miles or 40 kilometers]
    5. I am happy to travel further afield [over 25 miles or 40 kilometers]

We have yet more exciting plans for the new year and I shall keep you informed of our progress and intentions as we develop.