HumanWare is Seeking Private Beta Testers!

If you use a BrailleNote Touch Plus notetaker or Brailliant BI X braille display, and would be interested in testing new software before it’s released to the general public, we encourage you to read the below message from Andrew Flatres, Product Manager – Braille Products, HumanWare:

In light of new improvements to the products life cycle, HumanWare seeks beta testers to ensure stability and customer satisfaction in new firmware. HumanWare knows the importance of these products, so we want to ensure that any future software enhancements have been thoroughly reviewed and tested by actual users.

By becoming a beta tester, you will have first use of the latest firmware, where you’ll be asked to use and validate new features introduced in addition to its normal usage. Beta testing does, however, involve good communication skills and dedication.

If you are interested in potentially becoming a beta tester and have already got in the hand a new BI X display (20X or 40X) or a BrailleNote Touch Plus, please register your interest by filling out this Google form.

Please note there is limited space available. Therefore, please ensure you have submitted your interest by the Closing date 31st May 2021.

For further information about this opportunity, please email Andrew directly.