Join the UKAAF-Announce List and Stay Up-To-Date With Braille Standards

The United Kingdom Association for Accessible Formats(UKAAF) is the official standard-setting body for Braille, Music Braille, Accessible Images, (and other accessible formats) in the UK, and has recently launched a brand new channel for keeping you informed about its work.

UKAAF’s Braille Subject Area periodically publishes standards, guidelines and reference documents on the application of Unified English Braille in the UK. Recent examples include guidelines on best practice for formatting documents, transcription of foreign language material, binding and labelling documents, and a single-page reference document for UEB readers who need to read SEB publications. In addition, the Music Subject Area has recently published an introduction to automated braille music transcription.

UKAAF also works closely with the braille technology industry and has recently completed a large project updating the UK template for the Duxbury Braille Translator.

In the near future, guidance is expected on how to transcribe home nation languages in an English context, e.g. in study materials for an English person learning Welsh.

If you would like to receive an email whenever new standards, guidance and reference documents are published, as well as occasional notices of consultations, conferences and training events on accessible formats, please subscribe to the brand new UKAAF-announce mailing list on

You may either use the link above or send a blank email to: [email protected]

UKAAF looks forward to welcoming you and sharing its work more widely through this channel.