New Braille Book Swap Email List

Tim Pennick, a member of our Braillists Forum, has set up an experimental list for the exchange of information about braille books available for passing on to future readers. The list is called [email protected].

The description of the group which he has initially set up is as follows:

This group has been set up to facilitate the exchange of hard-copy braille books primarily in the UK. The RNIB has recently withdrawn braille library facilities, replacing them with single use production of books which can be retained or recycled but not returned. The Braille Book Swap list is available to reduce the destruction of books which might be read several times, thus reducing the consumption of paper, and the energy required to emboss a new copy. The method for transporting books is left to individuals though surviving RNIB canvas book bags would be ideal. Members wishing to make a book available are encouraged to post a short review of the book and the number of braille pamphlets it consists of.

You should be able to send a subscription request simply by sending an Email message to [email protected] however, Tim has found in the past that there are some issues with this mechanism, e.g. some email clients won’t allow you to send a message without adding a word or two in the subject line and message body. If you don’t manage to set things up using this method, drop a line to [email protected], and Tim will send you a personal invitation.