Our Book Club Now Has an Advanced Group!

For some time now, we’ve been running our Book Club on a Thursday at 6:00 PM. The idea is that anyone who wants to improve their braille reading can come along, read a page or two of a book to the rest of the group, and get help from other fellow members when they get stuck.

The current book is “Kensuke’s Kingdom” by Michael Morpurgo, available in both grades 1 and 2 on the latest Orbit Reader SD card, and also available in hard copy via the RNIB library.

Numbers have been steadily increasing over time and, as such, we’re now able to divide people up according to reading speed – so quicker readers don’t feel held back, and more leisurely readers can keep reading at a pace that suits them. The two groups are called “Intermediate” and “Advanced” and, thanks to the magic of Breakout Rooms in Zoom, they both take place simultaneously using the same Meeting ID and join link.

When you come for the first time, you’ll be asked which group you’d like to join. If you’re not sure, you can always join one group and switch to the other one the following week if you think it would suit you better.

Everyone is made to feel extremely welcome, and there’s an opportunity for the two groups to meet together at the start and end of each session.

So whether you’ve given us a try before but didn’t get on with the format, or you’ve never heard of the Book Club before but think it sounds like something you’d enjoy, please consider joining us on Thursday at 6:00 PM GMT. Sessions last an hour and can be joined by computer, smartphone, tablet or telephone.

The Zoom Meeting ID is: 893 5322 0947
Join Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89353220947

We look forward to seeing you!