Protecting Braillists Content Against Copyright Infringement

As the Braillists grows, people are increasingly wanting to share our content. This is fantastic – anything we can do to promote braille and increase braille proficiency is a good thing! But it leaves us vulnerable to misappropriation of our content, use of our content in a way which we might not endorse, or people finding our content without knowing where it originally came from.

We have therefore taken some steps to legally protect our content, which are described below.

Before we do this, though, we would like to reassure everyone of a few fundamental principals:

  1. Our content will remain free of charge
  2. Our content will not be subject to password protection or Digital Rights Management unless there is a specific need for it (e.g. recordings of Braille for Beginners), and in that case the protection measures will remain minimal
  3. You are absolutely permitted to share our content with other people – in fact, we encourage you to do so!

However, we ask that, if you do share our content, you observe the following conditions:

  • Wherever possible, please share a link to the content on either or Although you are very welcome to share our content on your social media channels and refer to it on your website, we would prefer it if you did not host it on your own servers. In practice, this means you should include a link to our Media page, the relevant episode page on, or the direct MP3 download link from or
  • Please share our content in full, without alteration. For example, you should not attempt to remove the introduction or ending of a Braillecast episode, remove a section from the middle, or indeed only share a section from the middle. If you have a specific reason for needing to edit our content, please obtain written permission from us first.
  • When sharing our content, please make it clear that it came from Braillecast or the Braillists Foundation.
  • If you are sharing our content on a public platform, please tell us about it! We enjoy hearing about people sharing our content and may take the opportunity to promote you in our Newsletter and on our social media channels in return.

In legal terms, we have applied a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License to all of our content retrospectively, and will apply it to all new content going forward. The full license terms can be found on the Creative Commons website via the link above. Appropriate notices have been added to our Media page, all pages on, and the copyright line of the Braillecast RSS feed.

We hope that this makes our position clear, and you agree that we have struck a fair balance between freedom to share our content and protection of our intellectual property. However, should you have any questions or concerns, please do write to us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist.