Reminder: Braille Display Usage Survey from the European Blind Union

Dear braille users,

the period for data collection in our questionnaire is comming to its end. We would like to ask you to help us to collect as much information from braille users as possible regarding the braille display usage. Those, who are still considering to add their answers to this collection, please, do so until the 29TH of February.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Original text of the invitation:

the European Blind Union (EBU) invites you to take part in a survey to enhance the use of braille displays.

Braille displays become more and more important to read and edit text in an electronic way. But the performance of electronic braille should get better.

So EBU wants to talk to braille display and screen readers producers to improve the access to electronic braille.

For this we ask you about your experiences, needs and suggestions in the use of braille displays with computer, smartphone and braille display as a stand—alone device.

Answering the following questions takes you maximum 10 minutes.

Please answer our questionnaire until 29th February 2024.

And please forward this invitation to other persons.

Other versions of the questionnaire in French, Spanish, German and Czech you can find here:

More information on braille of EBU and the EBU braille working group:

Take part in exchange about braille in our forum:

Best wishes from the EBU braille working group