RNIB Looking for Braille Display Users to Take Part in Gaming Research

Last week, RNIB launched a new piece of work on Accessible Gaming. As the first step, they are conducting an online survey to gather some headline data on people’s experiences of playing screen based games. In addition to those which are traditionally perceived as high action video games, their research includes word and number games, puzzles, crosswords, strategy games and any other game which could feasibly be played on a computer or smartphone, and at least some of these are likely to be playable using a braille display.

The outcomes from this survey will define RNIB’s work on accessible gaming and they would really like to hear from people across different age groups, interests and with different sight conditions on how they feel about playing screen-based games with vision impairment.

In their initial focus scoping groups, they had some interesting discussions with Braille display users and then again during the pilot study. They sensed a strong interest in gaming and, following that, they agreed that the study should explore the requirements for all modalities including audio, haptics and Braille.

For more information or to take the survey, please see the article on the RNIB website.