Send to Braille 2.0 Released

The American Printing House for the Blind is pleased to announce the release of an update to its popular Send to Braille application. This is a simple tool which adds options to the right click “Send to” menu to translate documents into braille and vice-versa.

This new version incorporates the latest versions of Liblouis and Pandoc, the two tools which power it. It will now handle UEB translation much more effectively and it supports translating multiple files at once.

You can download Send to Braille for free here.

This is open source software. If you are a programmer, the source code is available on Github, and this new version has been detached from the internal build system at APH so it is now much easier to contribute code. The Send to Braille team welcome any and all contributions which will improve and extend the functionality of the software.

Finally, the changes under the hood in this new version make it much easier to keep Liblouis up-to-date, so updates should be more forthcoming in future.