Clever Cooking

Our weekly food and recipe group, where Emma Williams, who teaches cookery professionally to visually impaired young people, will be sharing accessible recipes, hints and tips.

Last week, we discussed accessible appliances as well as a recipe for Bolognese. One topic of conversation that a lot of people were interested in was the accessibility of the Instant Pot pressure cooker. Emma’s got her hands on one, and has test driven it on a few recipes, so she’ll be telling us all how she got on! We’ll also be discussing the Bolognese recipe we’ve been trying over the last week. We want tonight’s session to be as open ended and lively as possible, so if you have any questions, tips, comments or suggestions please come along and share them with the group.

Whether you’re a confident cook or a total beginner, we’re hoping our “Clever Cooking” group will help inspire you and give you confidence to make simple, delicious food for yourself and the people you love.