Clever Cooking

Our weekly food and recipe group. Emma, who teaches cookery professionally to visually impaired young people, leads the group. She’ll be sharing accessible recipes, hints and tips for us to try out over the coming week!

This week we’ll be focussing on labelling in the kitchen. It would be a disaster to tip a tin of custard to your curry in place of tomatoes, so Emma will share some labelling ideas, from Braille to rubber bands. Whether you’re wondering how to tell jars of spices apart, or want to make sure you have your batched frozen meals marked with the correct date and description, we’re hoping this Clever Cooking session will boost your confidence in the kitchen.

As a heads up, Liam will be talking about and demonstrating bread-making techniques during next week’s session. If you’d like to follow along at home, you’ll need strong white bread flour (plain flour will work in a pinch) and some instant dried yeast. You won’t need any special equipment. If you’re having trouble finding flour, Morrisons (in the UK) are selling bread flour for 60p/KG from the bakery counter, and other supermarkets may well do the same.