A New Chapter for Clever Cooking

Almost a year ago to the day, in the height of the first UK national lockdown, we launched our Clever Cooking group. A vibrant and enthusiastic community quickly emerged and, in spite of many changes, it’s still going strong today!

It’s now being facilitated independently by a group of Clever Cooking members, who are currently deciding when the sessions will take place and what topics will be covered. They are always on the lookout for new people to join the sessions, so if you’re handy in the kitchen or want to improve your culinary skills, please get in touch with them.

Their email address is [email protected]. Once they’ve heard from you, they can add you to their mailing list where they will announce the date of the next session once it’s been decided. If you provide your mobile number, they can also add you to their WhatsApp group.

We’re really pleased to see this community continue to flourish.

Happy cooking!