Listening to Braillecast on your Smart Speaker

We’ve been making some changes under the hood to try to make it easier for people to listen to our Braillecast podcast on smart speakers, especially those powered by Amazon Alexa.

Unfortunately, we still haven’t found a perfect solution. However, as a temporary workaround, we have added some more keywords to our feed title so that it now reads: “Braillecast: Connecting the Dots for Braillists Everywhere”.

Smart speakers should have now registered this change, so if asking for Braillecast doesn’t work, try asking for “Braillecast Connecting the Dots” or other permutations of keywords from the feed title.

On Alexa devices, the following phrase seems to work the most consistently: “Alexa, play the podcast Braillecast, Connecting the Dots for Braillists Everywhere.”

We are continuing to work on a better long-term solution, but we hope this change makes our podcast more accessible in the meantime.

P.S. we’ve also received a message from HumanWare to say that they have fixed a known issue with our episodes not downloading properly on Victor Reader Streams. If you’re a Victor Reader Stream user and you’ve been having trouble with our podcast, please try again, and let us know at [email protected] if it still doesn’t work for you.