BI X and Mantis Q40 owners get a 30% discount on eye.t screen reader learning curricula

A message from HumanWare:

While HumanWare has long provided the hardware component of braille displays, there historically has been a significant gap between our hardware offerings and screen reader manufacturers.

To close this gap, HumanWare collaborated with eye.t an organization specializing in creating learning curricula for screen readers, in a joint webinar. To watch the webinar, please click on collaborative webinar: Diving into Braille Displays.

By focusing on the effective use of screen readers in conjunction with braille displays, this partnership has enabled us to seamlessly integrate our braille hardware with screen readers, providing educators and users with improved resources.

The curriculum serves as a valuable tool for personal learning and a demonstration resource for customers.

HumanWare braille display owners get a 30% discount on eye.t learning curricula

Webinar participants were given complimentary access to a new curriculum. In addition, owners of HumanWare BI X or Mantis Q40 worldwide can take advantage of eye.t’s generous 30% discount on all curricula.

How to benefit from this offer?

To receive your 30% discount, visit eye.t Braille Display Discount Page. Once your serial number is submitted and checked by our system, you will receive your discount via email.

This initiative is another testament to HumanWare’s commitment to enhancing customer experiences by providing hardware, comprehensive support, and learning opportunities. We believe in going beyond limitations and are excited to share this valuable resource with you.