Braillists’ very own Dave Williams has amassed a great team of Braille aficionados to produce a new regular podcast celebrating the value of Braille. They have already produced four great episodes with plenty more in the pipeline.

Here’s some info from the team:

How did a student win £1,000 using Braille? What do QTVIs really think of the latest BrailleNote at school? Is the Orbit Reader low cost Braille display really worth waiting for? These questions and more are answered in the first few episodes of BrailleCast.

BrailleCast highlights the many ways Braille touches our lives, and offers a platform to share ways we can broaden Braille’s appeal.

As well as exploring innovations in Braille technology the team are eager to share your news and reviews. So if you have something to share get in touch with them through the website or on twitter: @BrailleCast

As well as their website, the BrailleCast podcast is available on Apple Podcasts (a.k.a. iTunes) and many other podcasting services.