Braillists’ Awards

The Braillists will be giving two awards in 2018. The first will be for progress in teaching and learning Braille. The second will be for promoting the availability and use of Braille or other tactile media.

The purpose of the awards is to further the Braillists’ mission “… to create and support projects that advance Braille and other tactile media, to the benefit of its subscribers and all other users of tactile media”.

The awards project is being led from Bristol by Paul Sullivan. The Braillists Community will be invited to nominate candidates for each award during the summer. A small committee will consider nominations in the autumn and the awards will be presented in March 2018.

Full details about the awards and how to nominate someone will follow shortly. Meanwhile, if you would like to join the Awards Committee, or if you can help in any other way, please contact Paul Sullivan.