Celebrate Braille Literacy with Focus, Thursday 11 January at 5:00 PM GMT

Information from Vispero:

Join Bill Kilroy, Ron Miller, and Shelly Klure for a webinar celebrating braille literacy month with the Focus Braille Displays. Ron Miller will demonstrate Split Braille, how to connect the braille display to a variety of devices and discuss the importance of braille literacy. Don’t miss out on this educational hour as we demonstrate live and answer your questions in real-time.

We will provide an overview of the Focus Braille Displays and show how you or your clients can benefit from the lightweight and compact design. We will demonstrate how to:

  • Connect up to five devices via Bluetooth and one with USB-C cable
  • Use the Split Braille feature
  • Improve braille literacy with a refreshable braille display
  • And much more!

ACVREP credits will be available for those who attend the live webinar.

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