Do Something Different for National Braille Week

What are you doing to promote braille? Or, more importantly, what could you do to promote braille that you’re not doing already?

We’ve had landmark successes over the years, such as making it a legal requirement to include braille on bleach and pharmaceutical products.

We’ve also seen successes which feel smaller in isolation, but which nonetheless have a big impact. Many more restaurants have braille menus now compared with 20 years ago. Braille signage in public places is more commonplace, even if sometimes it’s attached upside down!

There are undoubtedly personal successes too. Maybe you’ve built braille labelling into your routines, or someone’s sent you a braille birthday card for the first time.

Wherever you are on your braille journey, we’re inviting you to do something you wouldn’t usually do to promote braille this National Braille Week. The more creative, the better!

And if you can think of something by Tuesday evening, be sure to come to our Connecting the Dots event and share it with us!