National Braille Week Lunchtime Discussion with Sight and Sound Technology, UKAAF and the Braillists Foundation, Tuesday 12 October at 12:30 PM

Can you imagine a world without braille? Can you think about how braille has impacted positively on your life, or on the lives of people with whom you work? Maybe you’re a family member or a friend of a braille user and you’ve seen first-hand how this revolutionary code has made a difference.

These are the topics of a lunchtime meeting from Sight and Sound Technology to celebrate National Braille Week, collaborating with great friends and colleagues from UKAAF (the UK Association for Accessible Formats) and the Braillists Foundation. The panel will talk not only about their own use of braille in their personal and professional lives, but we will actively be encouraging audience input – we want to hear your braille stories and experiences.

In short, if you are passionate about braille and want to shout it from the rooftops, this lunchtime event is most certainly for you!

Register here to attend the lunchtime discussion from Sight and Sound: