Pioneering UK Charity Announces Increased Access to Remote Braille Tuition

The Braillists Foundation is thrilled to announce that it is now accepting registrations for “Braille for Beginners On-Demand”, the most recent iteration of its highly acclaimed remote braille tuition. This innovative and accessible programme will equip blind and partially sighted adults with the skills to read and write braille letters, numbers and punctuation, promoting unparalleled levels of independence and raising their confidence and self-esteem.

Dave Williams, Chairman of the Braillists and himself blind since birth, said: “For me, there is no greater privilege than being able to read bedtime stories to my son. Without braille, I’m certain I would not be able to do this. I’m therefore delighted that we are able to mark National Braille Week at the Braillists by unlocking the world of reading by touch for so many people who have never had the opportunity before.”

The course will be delivered by highly qualified tutors with extensive experience of teaching braille to adults who are losing their sight, and is offered at no charge. Hard copy resources will be provided by post to anyone living in the UK, and peer support and 1:1 assistance from the tutors will be available by email and monthly support sessions on Zoom, with a telephone dial-in option for those with limited or no access to the internet.

Further details and the registration form can be found at