The Braille Shorthand Code, Tuesday at 7:30 PM

“What’s wrong with grade 2?” In many cases, nothing. It strikes a good balance between compactness, readability and lack of ambiguity. However, in some cases, a code which is even more compact than grade 2 is extremely advantageous, especially when information needs to be written down at speed.

The Braille Shorthand Code was one attempt at creating such a system. Devised and used in the UK, it was last updated in 1959 and still has a loyal following.

In this event, we will be joined by Dr Norman Waddington, a prolific user of the Braille Shorthand Code for many years. Norman will explain the principals behind the Braille Shorthand Code and take us through some examples of some typical shorthand phrases. He will also talk about the equipment which was traditionally used to produce braille shorthand and discuss who would benefit from using the Braille Shorthand Code.

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