Unveiling V2.2 of Brailliant BI X and Mantis Q40: Streamlined operations for peak productivity

HumanWare are delighted to introduce the latest enhancement for Brailliant BI X displays and Mantis Q40, aimed at simplifying operations and maximizing productivity by offering longer-lasting battery performance.

Terminal only mode

The latest firmware update caters to diverse preferences of braille display users. Some appreciate connecting to multiple devices and using onboard functionality through KeySoft Lite, while others simply need basic terminal functions to connect to a computer or mobile device.

Considering this feedback, we’re introducing a new feature to transform your Brailliant BI X or Mantis Q40 into a streamlined braille terminal mode.

This option removes onboard functions, simplifying connection via USB or Bluetooth to your preferred screen reader, catering to users seeking a straightforward experience. Reverting to full functionality is easy, allowing you to customize your experience.

Here are a few motivations for switching your braille display to the simplified Braille Terminal-only mode:

  • Reducing complexity and distractions, particularly for students.
  • Lack of use for onboard applications.
  • Primarily using the braille display for computer or mobile device connectivity.

Click here to view the How to guide on enabling the terminal-only mode

Power configuration

Ensuring prolonged connectivity when needed, the latest update introduces a new Power Auto-Off feature, allowing efficient management of battery usage. Improving battery life is essential for devices like Brailliant and Mantis, providing more time for reading braille when necessary. For further details on preserving your battery, refer to the how-to guide – Adjusting Auto Power off.

New: Eole French Digital Library Service

Continuing our expansion of the Victor Reader Library service across Europe, we are excited to introduce Eole, one of the largest French-language digital libraries, providing our users with access to even more book content. Exclusive to the Brailliant BI X range, the app Victor Reader now incorporates Eole services via audio only.

Click here for the full release notes

How do I update my device?

When connected to Wi-Fi, the Brailliant BI X and MantisQ40 devices will see a notification that a system update is available. Simply press ENTER to acknowledge the notification and select OK to download the update. If the notification does not appear, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you are connected to Wi-Fi.
  2. (Brailliant devices) from the Main Menu, press Space with O to jump to the options menu.
    (Mantis device) press O.
  3. Then press “s” for software update, followed by pressing Enter.
  4. Press “C” to check for update and press Enter.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback

This version includes enhancements, localization, and fixes that came directly from Brailliant BI X series and MantisQ40 users. We appreciate all those who write to us with suggestions or bug reports, which helps us to continue improving.

Enjoy the new update!