You Are Invited To Receive The UKAAF Magazine “Format Matters”

The United Kingdom Association for Accessible Formats(UKAAF) is the official standard-setting body for Braille, Music Braille, Accessible Images, (and other accessible formats) in the UK

Three times a year, it publishes a magazine called “Format Matters”, designed to share updates about UKAAF’s work and highlight exciting news stories in the wider accessible format industry. Anyone can receive the magazine free of charge as a PDF file, and if you live in the UK, you can also opt to receive it in a range of accessible formats in hard copy through the post.

To receive the magazine, you need to join UKAAF as a member – but don’t panic! There is no charge for individuals. The form is very short and can be completed on the UKAAF website.

UKAAF membership form

When prompted, please answer as follows:

  • Membership Type: Individual
  • Organization Name: your name
  • Billing Address: leave blank – you only need to pay for organizational memberships, not individual ones
  • Category of Membership: Member – £Free

We hope you enjoy the magazine.